Mobile Hospital

To start a hospital in Bethany home, where one doctor and two nurses will go to five remote villages every day and address all the diseases in this region. The team will also conduct free medical camps to the tribe and rural communities.

Evening Tuition centers

To start more than 7 evening tuition centers in Gudular area, where we can provide free evening meals, uniforms and education to the destitute children and aged people.


To start few more Crèches in Nilgiris to give parental love and care ,nutritious food, and basic education to the poor pre school children

Life-stocks exchange

To provide the under privileged families with life-stocks like, Goats/sheep, cow etc. The income from these life-stock, will improve their earnings and will provide them their daily bread.

Mercy Home

To start a home for the children affected with Muscular Dystrophy and provide them parental love, life care, counseling till their last breath.