• By allotting some time in the Lord's presence and upholding us in your sincere prayers.
  • Write letters and send e-mails periodically to encourage us when we strive to overcome all the evil forces.
  • When you visit this part of India, please visit us and stay with us to see personally, what we are doing in this part of land.
  • Donate generously towards this ministry and become a partner of this institution.
  • Adopt a child, one or more as you can and support them and be their God-Parents. If you cannot support a child fully, you can support them partly.
  • You can take personal interest in collecting funds from your area to help this Institution and you can be our co-ordinator in your place.
  • You can introduce interested individuals, groups, churches, clubs, societies and funding agencies, who can come forward to uphold this Institution financially.

Sponsor a child

Sponsor an aged person

Sponsor a gift

Sponsor a funeral

The Holy Scripture says:

"What you have done unto the least, you have done unto God" Matt:25:40.