The Happy Home was started on 17th October 1976, by the late Rev. Joseph Nathaniel, with two destitute children.
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The late Rev. Joseph Nathaniel worked among the tribes of the Nilgiri Hills and the downtrodden people of this area for more than 60 years till he died in the year 1997. In remembrance of his dedicated and remarkable service to humanity, this Happy Home has been registered as"FR. NATHANIEL'S CHARITABLE TRUST" under the "Indian Trust Act", bearing registration number 43/96, having five dedicated and efficient persons in the 'BOARD OF TRUSTEES' and Rev. Dr. Stephen Daniel Nathaniel as its Chairman and Managing Trustee. We are also registered by the 'Home Ministry of India' and licensed under the 'Foreign Contribution Regulation Act' (FCRA) bearing number:075970114 under the heading social activities. This institution has been exempted under 12(A) and 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961.

'The Happy Home' is a streamline of 'Fr. Nathaniel's Charitable Trust'.

Past three decades our institution has done service among the unfortunate children and procure them a place in the society. For this purpose this institution had given scholarships for 618 children and provided free accommodation, food and education to 1143 children till date.

Nursing course, Industrial training, training in Ayur and Indian Medicines and other training like tailoring, driving, computer, honeybee farming, Hotel Management course, laboratory technician course, agricultural training in organic farming is also given. At present this institution is supporting 150+ children from the age group 4 to 20 years.

We further have a mercy home for the abandoned aged people. Also we conduct free medical camps in the remote villages. This institution fights to eradicate child labour, dowry system, untouchability and other non-social elements.

This Institution has done enormous things among the unfortunate children and provided them a place in the society. We humbly look back and count the blessings which we received from above. We are also proud to say that this Institution has been rendering 35 years of committed and unselfish service to humanity - A service with great thirst for salvation, knowledge, fortitude and coverage.

May the Lord Almighty bless you and your family in a special way.