"This Institution was founded on Faith, Hope Love"

Child Care is the most important feature of this Institution. Since its inception, it has been the policy of the institution to put the child in the center of all its activities. It is said that a child is a lamp to be lit and not a vessel to be filled. They are the future of our country.


Until 2005, the children were kept in Happy Home buildings. But due to shortage of space, they are now kept in different Hostels and Homes. The entire cost is borne by this Institution.

The main aim of this institution is to relieve the human sufferings of some of the poor, neglected and destitute children below poverty line irrespective of caste, colour, creed and religion. This institution is working very hard to provide some children with good education and help these children to reach certain standards in the society. This institution is very committed to prevent child labour and provide them with the basic education.

Preference is being given to orphans, neglected, semi-orphans and to children from broken families. Orphan children are taken care until they get married. Each and every child is given good education and this institution takes care till they are well settled in their life.

All the parents are very poor and struggle to lead their life with very poor wages. Most of them are not having even a small hut to live.

This year there are 150+ children under our care in various Homes.

Apart from giving them free food, clothing, accommodation and good education, we build their character and mould them in such a way, so that they may become good citizens of India.

We celebrate each child's birthday in a grand manner.

Till date, June2011, 1143 children have successfully finished their studies.

Until now, 618 children were given scholarships for their education. Scholarships are issued according to the funds available. This scheme is introduced to give a helping hand to unprivileged children who are not able to continue their studies due to financial shortages. Last year 58 children are benefited by this scheme.

In Nilgiris, illiteracy and social injustice are still prevailing. Many families are living under poverty line. Many families are deserted by the father and to earn an income the poor mothers make their children to go to work when they attain 10 or 12 years. The children used to work in hotels, petty shops, small industries, workshops and also even in houses with a very low wages. Due to this more than 80% of children are not receiving even the basic education. This again leads to an increase in the illiteracy. Some of the girl children indulge in prostitution and boys indulge in unlawful business. Some children become an addict to tobacco, liquor and other bad habits. When we see the past years, the percentages of children who have indulged in anti social things are in the higher side. The strength in the schools have also come down enormously. We can see this situation mostly in the slum areas of the towns. Due to want of work many young children leave their families go to other town to earn their bread and support their family in a small way. All these things are due to lack of education to both parents and children.

Through this project "The Wings" more than 135 children are sent to higher education like General Nursing, Higher Education, Industrial Technical Training, Ayur and Indian Medicines, Computer Course, Junior College, Tailoring and Embroidery and Driving

These children will finish their education and will get good job opportunities to start their life and become independent . If the mother is deserted, she will get nice treat from her child, We also provide the children and their mother with periodical medical checkups.


Due to financial shortage, many children fail to pursue higher education. Education becomes fulfilled when a child gets training in a specific field. It is half the way when they stop their studies after High School. Hence, our institution strives hard to provide these unfortunate children with this higher studies, by providing them with the necessary financial help.


The successful children who successfully secured 70% and above in the junior college are sent to colleges for a three-year course, after which they hold a University Degree. The college fees are paid over a period of 6 semesters. Now thirteen children are studying in various colleges.

Majority of our girls prefer going for the nursing training. The girls who secure 60% and above in the junior college examination are sent for this training. First, they start with Assistant Nursing and Midwifery training for one year. The girls, who pass this course, will continue the three-year General Nursing Course at Coimbatore. All the girls who finished this training are now working in different Hospitals and getting a good salary. This year nine of our girls are undergoing nursing training. It is not only a training, but also a dedication to serve the community.


The boys who secure 60% and above in the junior college are given a chance to go for any one of the Industrial Trainings like; Motor Mechanic, Fitter, Welder, Printing, Carpentry, Polytechnic etc.. These are two-year courses. After which, they hold a diploma in Technical Training. Hundreds of our boys have finished these courses and are well settled in many Industries. This year seven of our boys are getting trained in these trades.


Apart from these Technical courses, our children can opt for various other courses like Tailoring, Driving, Computer Courses, Honey Bee Farming, Hotel Management course, Laboratory Technician Course, Agricultural training, Training in Organic Farming, etc.

Most of our children are from remote villages, estates and forests; they have never seen even a town. To show them the civilized world and to improve their knowledge, we take them on an educational tour to important places and cities every year. It is an eye opener for them.


Apart from this financial help, we offer them our love and care that has led many children to perform well in their studies. Every year some of these children receive prizes and trophies for their good performances. We are very proud of all those children who have added feathers in our cap. Our children have stood ahead of others in their field.


We also accept with a heavy heart that, there are a few children who have dropped out from this smooth channel.