We visit villages periodically in both the Districts of Nilgiris and C. N. Nagara. Some times heavy rains prevent us from visiting these villages. During our visits, children requiring our support are selected and absorbed into our Home

Apart from presenting the Good News, we do the following Social Activities:

  • Conduct free Medical Camps.
  • Educate the illiterate parents about the value of Education.
  • Tribal upliftment
  • Adult education.
  • Create social awareness among the illiterate women and children.
  • Help the illiterates to achieve their rights provided by the Government.
  • Help to eradicate Child Labour.
  • Fight against Untouchability and social evils.
  • Fight against Dowry System.

Our institution is committed in exercising all the above activities.

Since we also intake children from broken families, we feel that it is our duty to help compromise the separated parents.

It is a very hard and the most challenging service. We face many problems and sometimes we feel very depressed in this work. When the separated parents rejoin, we see the light of joy lit in their houses and the happiness reflected in their faces and of their children.

During the past few years, we see separation of families is on the rise in India. We do feel very sad when we fail in this noble job in some families.